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We are always looking for new ambitious people to join our team

Are you interested in influencer marketing and the growing trend of social media influencers? Shoot us an email if you match any or all of the points below!

You can ...

  • speak multiple languages
  • shoot awesome video and photo
  • network and build lasting business relationships
  • have an international and creative mindset
  • be awesome everyday with a smile on your face :)

We are looking for ambitious and goal driven people to join any of the following departments:
media, operations, business or digital.

Operations Department

The Operations Team is the department that holds all of the business lines together. You are the multi-skilled workers who are social and can network with the best of us. You either have some knowledge of media, digital marketing or influencer marketing and are definitely a peoples person. If you are looking for a job where your day to day tasks will always be different, the Operations Department is where you should be.

One day you may be operating an influencer campaign coordinating with the influencer and the client to make sure things are running smoothly to acting in one of our YouTube videos quizzing Chris Broad if he would rather eat sushi or wagyu. Or you may be grabbing a camera and filming or editing one of our crazy social media videos. We expect our Operations Department to be flexible, fun, social, creative and excited to work for a company with a quirky personality.

Media Department

The Media Team is where we pride our service with. We don’t just create travel videos or take awesome photos, we create media to engage with our viewers in a unique way that will only represent the Tokyo Creative brand. We expect our professional media team to be well versed with Sony cameras and be able to become the next Sam Kolder. We work with some of the top Japanese corporations and government chains delivering them videos and photos that will inspire our Tokyo Creative community.

Digital Department

Our Digital Team will focus on creating interesting marketing campaigns in order to connect our influencer fanbase with Tokyo Creative products and services. These campaigns should be innovative and engaging. We expect our Digital Team to know the latest marketing trends, give advice to our influencers to reach more people, understand basic branding and how to position ourselves ahead of our competition.

Business Department

Our Business Team is different than your ordinary sales team as they are selling packages they most likely have never seen before. We pride ourselves in creating a service that only Tokyo Creative can offer. We expect our business team to sell our creative storytelling to clients utilizing our many unique services under Tokyo Creative. We are open to new business opportunities giving you the freedom to analyze our market and propose different business lines to boost our value.


We are proud to have worked closely with interns and feel that working in the Tokyo Creative environment can be very beneficial for motivated, ambitious individuals who are at the start of their professional career.

If you would like to apply for an unpaid internship, please email following the procedure below:

In the email subject header, please follow the following format:
[Internship - Your full name]

Also, please provide us with your most recent resume in English (PDF format) and please send us a video introducing yourself including a brief summary of why you're interested in working at TC.

We look forward to hearing from you via