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Chris Okano

Representative Director & CEO
Chris was born in London, raised in Los Angeles and now currently living in Tokyo, Japan. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, boxing and making YouTube videos for his channel, OkanoTV. Coworkers describe Chris as a random, positive, happy ball of energy. Oh, and he loves ice cream.


Shiori Low

Chief Community Officer
It's hard to describe Shiori in a few sentences. Lets just say, she may be tiny but she's as fierce as a lion. She is the fuel that keeps this engine running. Shiori is responsible for anything and everything Influencer related. Oh, and she loves her dog Sam.


Tomohiro Nakagawa

Chief Business Officer
Tomohiro was born in Tokyo and raised in Shiga prefecture until he graduated from university. He has been working in sales and digital marketing since he started his career. At Tokyo Creative, he is an ideas man and helps continue growth of the company. In his free time, he loves playing soccer, reading books, seeking out new ideas, and having fun with his son.


Ian Rudd

Chief Technology Officer
Ian was born and raised in Essex, England and has been living in Tokyo since 2010. Prior to moving to Japan, he worked in London as a software engineer for AIG and the British Government. An avid ‘hoop-aholic’, Ian can often be found playing on one of Tokyo’s many basketball courts.


Wenbin Jiang

Chief Media Officer
A man of few words, Wenbin is the mastermind behind all of Tokyo Creative's media. A genius director, producer, cameraman and editor, Wenbin is a one man show. Originally from Shanghai, Wenbin is also fluent in Chinese, Japanese and English.



An Australian native, Emma is the face and host of our Tokyo Creative YouTube channel. She has the sweetest, chillest and most caring personality, which is easily portrayed on her own very successful YouTube channel, Tokidoki Traveller.

Jon Mulligan

Web Engineer
Originally from Bristol UK, Jon moved to Japan in 2016 and has been exploring ever since. He has experience building a global Music Streaming service and e-commerce websites for some of the UK’s biggest brands. If he’s not working at his computer, you’ll probably find him snowboarding down some of Japan’s powdery pistes.


Natasha Elle

Media Associate 1
Natasha is the youngest member of our team here at Tokyo Creative and is originally from Singapore. If everything could be coloured as a rainbow, Natasha would be twice as energetic as she is already. Natasha is obsessed with music, so be sure to mention the latest Kpop trends when you approach her for all things design or editing related!


Kanako Nakano

Business Associate 1
With a tongue twister of a name, Kanako Nakano joins our sales team having moved all the way from Nagoya. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and hitting the beach for some fun in the sun.


Elise Meng

Services Associate 2
Coming from an art and design background, Elise is interested in anything with black and/or white tones. In Summer, you'll find Elise complaining about the heat more than anyone, and at Tokyo Creative, Elise is responsible for keeping up with our influencers and wrangling most of our content.


Kenji Kanai

Media Associate 2
That video on Facebook with thousands of shares... yeah, that was made by our media man, Kenji. Half Filipino and half Japanese, Kenji brings a unique ability to the Tokyo Creative team. We don't think you can find a faster video editor than this man.

Daniel Liu

Digital Manager
Daniel was born in Taiwan, and moved to Japan when he was 18 to complete his studies. He has lived in the southern, central and eastern parts of Japan, and is big on adventure – he recently checked skydiving off his to-do list and is looking forward to his next challenge!



Born and raised in sunny California, Jake decided to take a raincheck on great weather and moved to China to learn Chinese before settling in Japan in the summer of 2015. Through Twitch, Jake livestreams his daily adventures traveling around various areas in Japan and Asia.


Originally from America, Aki is considered the top otaku YouTuber in the world. If you want advice on any otaku related topics, Aki is the person to run to. Now currently residing in Japan, prepare for some awesome otaku travel related videos.


One of the first Japan based content creators, Sharla has joined the Tokyo Creative Team as our go-to ‘WHY JAPAN?!’ expert. With 10 years of living in Japan under her belt, she’s been through it all and isn’t afraid to share her ups and downs.

Juri Watanabe

Operations Associate 2
Half Japanese and half Korean, Juri is our beauty pageant staff member winning the Miss Asia USA 2016 -17 beauty competition. She brings an international mindset to the company joining our influencer operations team under Shiori-chan!


Hide Sandy Ikeda

Media Associate 1
Need some smooth animations? Hide, or ‘Sandy’ as we like to call him in the office, is our resident hippo, beard technician, and superhero video editor responsible for the Tokyo Creative YouTube channels.

Interns (past and present)


Hironori Kitano

The self-proclaimed ‘international dude’, Hironori (Hiro) Kitano is a proud Osaka-ian interested in the world around him. Still a freshman in college, you can usually find Hiro helping the Japanese sales team, dishing out banter with the Operations team, or charming the hell out of a group of girls.

Ellie Harrison

Born and raised in Ohio, Ellie is currently a Chicagoan visiting Japan for her first time. She recently completed her degree from DePaul University and is excited to start her new journey in Tokyo and beyond. When Ellie is not helping out around Tokyo Creative, she enjoys walking through the cherry blossom trees, hanging out with friends at her share house, and exploring as much as she can. Ellie loves music and has created over 150 Spotify playlists for herself and friends.

Elsda Yiu

Born in New York, and raised in Los Angeles, Elsda has been moving around throughout her whole childhood. She brings her travel experiences with her everywhere she goes. A lover of all things anime and manga, Japan was her first choice for an internship! You will find her creepily smiling at her baby’s pictures from time to time.

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