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Why work with us?

Strategy and Market Research

For your business to succeed, you know it's critical to understand your audience and what they want. But market research can be cost prohibitive to do in-house. We offer a comprehensive solution that won't break the bank.

  • 1. Company Objectives

    We’ll take the time to get to understand your company, culture, goals and challenges and offer tailored solutions.

  • 2. Qualitative and Quantitative Research

    Numbers are only 50% of the equation. We'll analyze your current brand cachet through user surveys, social media polls and other channels.

  • 3. Data Acquisition

    Data is key to creating a strategy that works best for your company.

  • 4. Data Analysis

    We'll analyze the data gathered to assess and identify key areas to focus on that will help achieve your business objectives.

Media Production

With an international team of media professionals, Tokyo Creative is your first choice for any media creation job that needs to reach an international audience in both English and or Chinese.

  • 1. Media Objectives

    We create the best content possible for your campaigns based on your marketing objectives and target audience.

  • 2. Professional Photo and Video Shoots

    Our team of media professionals are equipped with skill sets that cover the entire media production process including but not limited to TV commercials, social media ads and content, corporate media, and more.

Social Media

Harness the power of social media marketing to connect audiences with your brand through quality and engaging content.

  • 1. Strategy and Insights

    Whether creating new channels for your company or helping manage your current channels, we'll help your company expand your reach and influence with cutting edge strategies and insights.

  • 2. Content Creation

    On social media, consistency is king. Leave your social media content creation to us and never run out of quality content again.

  • 3. Results Tracking

    Are your social media efforts bringing in results? We’ll help track their effectiveness so you know where best to focus your resources.

  • 4. Community Strategy and Growth

    Building up a large and passionate social media community around your brand is a key part of the sales funnel. We’ll help deliver strategies that will grow your brand awareness and, of course, sales.

  • 5. Analytics and Reporting

    We deliver timely reports that keep you up-to-date with our progress, along with new insights and strategies that will further your success.

Brand Development

It’s not easy building a brand from scratch, but with our full range of bespoke digital services, you’ll have a head start.

  • 1. Brand Research and Positioning

    In order to gain market share, it's important to analyze where your brand stands with your compeition. Where can you succeed where they have not? Where can you reach an audience that they have not?

  • 2. Influencer Marketing

    With our large network of influencers that span every niche, you'll always find the the perfect audience for your brand or service.

  • 3. Digital Marketing

    We can craft and execute digital campaigns from start to finish for you with our in-house media and marketing teams.

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