Iga Ueno

Trip Idea #4 : Mie Prefecture's Iga Ueno

Iga City, located in Northern Mie Prefecture is primarily known for its rich history of ninja traditions and practices. Historically home to one of the two main ninja schools, Iga ninjas used the local mountains and forests to train in the art of ‘Ninjitsu’. Often mistaken as a martial art, Ninjitsu was actually an independent discipline which placed a much larger emphasis on espionage, intelligence collection and stealth over simply combat. If you are looking for the ultimate ninja experience on your trip to Japan, it really doesn’t get much better than Iga, where you can take a tour of an authentic ninja house, watch a live action ninja show, see authentic ninja artefacts at the ninja museum and even eat the same meals and snacks that ninjas used to eat ….. did we mention Iga was famous for ninjas?