TC Research Team

Hello everyone out there! We would like to take this chance to thank every one of you who enjoy the content that we produce here at Tokyo Creative, your support and feedback is vital to our business. We would also like to offer all of our fans the opportunity to become an extended member of the Tokyo Creative family by joining the TC Research team, please read on for more info!

What is TCRT?

We work closely with over 100 Japanese companies and local governments and help them make decisions when promoting their product/event/location to an international market. A very important step, before making any decisions is to get feedback from an international audience, which is where the TC Research Team comes in!


What's Involved?

As a member of the Tokyo Creative Research Team, you will have the opportunity to be among the first to provide feedback on Japanese products and events. Most feedback will be provided in the form of surveys and there is never any pressure to do them, just take part in the ones you want to.

Each survey will have different rewards, including Amazon vouchers, free entry to TC events, and more. To join the team and to be notified when we have a project that requires user feedback, please join the TCRT view the button below!