With a total audience of over 17 million people and a wide range of services offered, we are confident that we can provide the best possible solutions to companies of all sizes who wish to reach an English-speaking audience with an interest in Japan. Download Sales Deck (.pdf)
Influencer Promotions
Project Management
Media Production
Market Research
SNS Marketing
Offline Event & Material Production
Translation / Article Publishing
Website Development
Influencer Promotions

We are proud to manage some of the most popular and talented social media influencers based in Japan. Our team of around 30 influencers has amassed over 17 million combined subscribers and over 1.6 billion combined views.

As we work directly with some of Japan’s most popular social media influencers, there is no middle-man agency required when we undertake projects with them.

Project Management

Guiding you every step of the way.

Undertaking a project or launching a campaign within Japan can be a daunting task, but our experienced, bilingual team is here to help ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Whether you require assistance in one small aspect of a project or require a partner to be involved with the full coordination of a project, we are confident that our experience and knowledge of both Japanese and Western media ensures that we can assist with the following:

  • Itinerary planning and suggestions
  • Media production
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Travel / accommodation arrangements
  • Obtaining access / filming permission for locations
  • Recruiting freelance staff
image Case Study: Journey Across Japan

Between October and December 2018, Tokyo Creative project managed Journey Across Japan, a two month, 2,000km cycle journey starring Chris Broad.
 The series was comprised of 28 episodes, which have gone on to gain over 23.6 million YouTube views, making Journey Across Japan the most popular Japan-focused travel series of all time.

SNS Management

Reach your desired audience.

We have worked with companies of all sizes to ensure that their social media channels are as effective as possible in reaching a Japan-focused audience.

With each client we work with, we aim to be as meticulous as possible in planning an SNS strategy that will meet and then exceed their expectations.

We have worked with both private companies and local Japanese governments to provide both consultation and collaboration services in order to reach our client’s goals. At present, we offer the following SNS services:

  • Current SNS implementation consultation
  • Social media account creation and management
  • Ideal content identification
  • Content creation and schedule planning
  • KPI and metric reporting
image Case Study: Tourism Oita

Since 2018 Tokyo Creative has directly managed Tourism Oita’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Within that time, we have successfully coordinated the capture of high-quality videos and photos in order to best present Oita Prefecture to the world, which has in turn seen both accounts more than triple in popularity.

Our Very Own Channels

As well as managing the social media accounts of several clients, we also have our company Instagram account and two YouTube channels, TC Play and TC Talk.

Our main channel, TC Play provides both fun and informative videos covering a huge range of topics and often feature a number of the influencers we represent.

Media Production

No project too big.

We pride ourselves on the ability of our extremely talented in-house media team and their ability to capture exactly what our clients are looking for, in both film and photography.

For large projects, we work closely with several Tokyo-based freelance videographers, editors and photographers. By working with a small network of freelance staff, we can be confident that we will always deliver stunning results and that no project is too large.

Below is a collection of videos we have created for clients over the past few years, as well as our current showreel. Please click on any of the images to watch the video and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to see more of our work.

Market Research

Knowing Your Audience

In June 2020, we established the Tokyo Creative Research Team, an international group of over 1,300 individuals who have an interest in Japanese culture and voluntarily take part in surveys we present to them.

The team is made up primarily of people from the USA, UK, Australia and Canada, but also includes members from over 10 other countries and includes people both currently living within and outside of Japan.

The team has proved invaluable by providing insightful feedback to help companies gauge how popular certain Japan-related products/courses/services have the potential to be.

image The Tokyo Creative Research Team

We can help with all aspects of the market research process, including creating the most effective survey to get the information you’re looking for. Please click the image above for more information.

Offline Events & Materials

If you’re looking to hold an event within Tokyo, we work with several centrally located venues that are perfect for a launch party or celebration. As well as assisting with reserving the venue, we can assist with catering, ticket management and online purchasing, event promotion and the design and printing of physical brochures and flyers.

Translation & Article Publication

Effective Communication

Our team includes experienced, bilingual copywriters who can translate your materials from English to Japanese and vice-versa.

We also offer article writing, strategy, and publishing services to ensure that any content you wish to create regarding your product or service can be as effective as possible, paying close attention to a writing style to resonate with your audience, SEO, and digital visibility.

We have helped numerous Japanese local governments by writing articles to promote their prefectures to a global audience. For projects such as these, we often visit the location ourselves and dedicate sufficient time to fully researching the area in order to share it as effectively and accurately as possible.

Website Development

An Eye on Design

Our in-house development team have a wealth of experience in creating fully dynamic, functional websites and do so whilst keeping up to date with the most modern practices and standards.

Whether you are looking to improve your current website, create an English/Japanese version of it, create a splash page to gauge interest, or to implement a custom content management system to allow your staff to effortlessly maintain the site themselves, we can help.

  • Website strategy consulting
  • In-house HTML/CSS/PHP development
  • Full website / landing/splash page development
  • Custom content management system development
  • Hosting via AWS
image Case Study: Explore Oita

Showcasing the attractions and landmarks which make Oita truly unique.

Tokyo Creative Learn

Tokyo Creative Learn is our custom-built On Demand Video platform, which offers insightful videos regarding both Japanese daily life and advice on becoming an influencer, all created by our influencers and in-house media team.

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