Chugoku Regional Tourism


Hiroshima has no problem attracting tourists from the western world, it has become a standard tourist destination for a lot of first-time visitors to Japan. This is in part due to the Peace Memorial Park (Atomic Bomb Dome) and Itsukushima Shrine which have continued to grow in popularity for oversea tourists. However, while there are a lot of horizontal travel because of Hiroshimas ease of access using the Shinkansen, there are only a few vertical travelers, travelers who make that extra step to visit other areas of the region such as Shimane and Tottori. In addition to this there aren't many travelers to Japan who use Buses as a main or secondary mode of transportation, there is also a lack of information about the allure of choosing to use a bus and the different experiences that one can have on these alternative routes.


Create a video from the perspective of foreigners while enhancing the searchability of online information about buses in Japan, for this project we worked with MATCHA Corporation, one of Japan's largest media companies for tourism to Japan, to solve this problem. The idea was to design and produce easily digestible videos that showcased the allure of bus travels that could be used on the website and in video advertisements. We also wrote articles for MATCHA in order to increase the flow of traffic to certain online topics for the foreseeable future. The tourism videos highlighted Hiroshima and San'in's tourism spots while also showcasing the attractiveness of the experiences that can be had while traveling by bus in Japan.


The produced videos were used in advertisements with an average playbackrate of over 70%, the average only being 40%. The project goal was successfully achieved as the produced video was watched all the way through by the foregin audience we were targeting meaning it indeed was attractive to foreigners. ※ Average view rate = the percentage of the total length of the video that was viewed.