Tourism Oita


The main challenge for Tourism Oita was to improve European, American and Australian digital engagement, driving foreign audiences to visit what Oita Prefecture has to offer.

In preparation for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics and the 2025 World Expo, the Oita Tourism Department sought out help from Tokyo Creative to produce social media content to promote local events and the natural landscapes of Oita Prefecture to foreign audiences.


Specifically focusing on inbound digital marketing strategies for the Rugby World Cup, Olympics and Paralympics, the Tokyo Creative team identified the holes in tourism content online and decided to fill them in. The Tokyo Creative media team decided to emphasize the experience of traveling to Oita Prefecture and navigating the city around the major events to come.


Assisting the Oita Tourism board with their social media campaigns resulted in a rise in audience engagement. Additionally, the video content that was produced managed to attract almost 200,000 views on the Tokyo Creative channel.