Yuto Corporation


Yuto Corporation requested the help of Tokyo Creative's in the fields of inbound advertising to foreign audiences, customer acquisition, and targeted audiences. Prioritizing the expansion of brand marketing to the wider global audience, audiences from Europe, America, and Australia were put forward to Tokyo Creative as prospective targets.

Tokyo Creative conducted cultural research surveys on foreigners interested in contemporary Japanese society and discovered an interest in Pachinko parlors that were unexplained in any online visual forms. Upon entering Pachinko parlors, smoke and noise detracted foreigners from understanding the process.


In order to properly educate foreign audiences on Pachinko parlors, Tokyo Creative introduced EBIS stores non-smoking and quieter parlors that make it easier for travelers to explore the iconic Pachinko culture in Japan in the form of a documentary.


Today, the video is at a growing 4.3 million views and 5,200 comments from users creating discussion about EBIS Pachinko services.