Kimi is an Alternative Fashion Blogger based in Germany who turned her passion into a living. After studying at a fashion school in 2013 she decided to follow her own path and now has worked professionally together with small brands and artists such as Blxck Tokyo, Sarah Thursday, Long Clothing, Killstar, Uniwigs and bigger companies like Nintendo, Warner Bros., Panini Comics, LUSH among others.

Inspired by the world as well the Japanese culture she found her own unique style to influence people from all over the world while helping them to gain self-confidence and seeing the beauty within individuality. Fashion is a colorful playground for her with never-ending possibilities.

Besides gaming, watching movies/series, veganism and dressing up to create different unique characters she enjoys traveling and to meet new people. Throughout her adventures, she collects memories and high quality-content in words and pictures to share it across her social media channels.
Languages : English, German Origin : Germany Genre : Fashion, Gaming, Travel Location Demographic :
USA, Germany, Mexico
Age Demographic :
18 ~ 24, 25 ~ 34, 35 ~ 44