Live Online Udon Master Class

Both staple dishes of Japanese cuisine, Udon and Tempura are enjoyed the world over, but have you ever wondered how they're made? We have teamed up with the experts at Udon House to provide a monthly, one-of-a-kind online, interactive experience that will teach you how to make both from scratch.

Udon House

Located in Kagawa, the birthplace of Udon, Udon House provides the ultimate udon experience by welcoming guests from all over the world to stay and take part in their Udon Master Class & Local farm tour.

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An Authentic Udon Experience

We are extremely proud to be able to work Udon House in order to bring their Udon Master Class to people across the globe.

This is a completely online experience via Zoom where you will join Udon House's experts and up to five other people. The experience will teach you how to make both udon and tempura from scratch and if you're based in Japan you can receive ingredients in the post to cook-along.


Udon Master Class Itinerary

1. Self-Introduction
2. Initial food preparation
3. Tempura Making
4. Udon Making

Requirements :

1. Ingredient preparation
2. Cooking equipment
3. Internet connection
4. Access to Zoom

Class Duration:

2 hours

Cook-Along Participant

*price may vary between ¥5,000 and ¥7,000 depending on the season and the ingredients sent out.

Cook-Along Participants will receive pre-kneaded udon dough, fish stock and fresh vegetables in the post, in order to cook along with other members of the class and to receive feedback from the sensei.

Cook-Along Participants must reside in Japan.

Observation Only Participant

Participants residing outside of Japan can only join as Observation Only participants.

Observation only participants are still very much part of the class and can ask the sensei any questions as they watch them (and Cook-Along participants) prepare udon and tempura.

Unfortunately, ingredients for this class cannot be sent overseas.

The Live Online Udon Master Class will take place monthly starting from August 2020.

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